Redwood Technologies Group champions growth in all its forms. We continually increase the scalability, reliability and functionality of our services to grow better customer experiences. Our commitment to innovation means that we are constantly expanding into new frontiers, allowing our cloud solutions to stay evergreen, and up-to-date with the latest technological advances.

Growing Customer Experience

Organizations can face unexpected spikes in demand and high volumes of inquiries, and it is critical that customers are kept informed and made to feel supported during these busy periods. Our solutions scale to handle any level of demand, preserving customer engagement levels by routing inquiries to the appropriate person or Machine Agent. We work with some of the world’s largest organizations to provide faultless service at over 100× average contact levels, at 99.999% reliability.

Growing Customer Experience

Global Outlook

Redwood Technologies Group works across a variety of sectors and operates in over 60 countries. We are committed to expanding our global presence through partnerships with multi-national players such as Rakuten and Vodafone, acquiring leading technology specialists, and working with international clients to continually develop and enhance our global offering.

Sustainable Growth

We are proud to be one of Europe’s fastest growing IT companies, and have grown by 30% on average over several consecutive years. We have a strong heritage and proven track record of being early-to-market with the latest contact center solutions since Redwood Technologies was established in 1993. Our high-caliber, international team has increased ten-fold since 1993 and we are dedicated to continued business growth.

Group Operating Companies